A family affair

In 1961, Henri Sherman started working as a self-employed electrician. The care he put into his work and the service he gave his clients made his small company grow and he started to hire some fellow workers.

His son, Lionel, entered the company in 1982. He worked for about ten years as an electrician to forge his field experience before running the company. His proven track record combined with the high quality of his employees pushed the company to enter the premium market. He began to have an interest in home automation technologies to offer more services to his clients. He went to the U.S. where the first technologies were emerging, and became the first importer of home automation solutions in France.
Year after year, his teams have increasingly developed their skills to offer better services to their clients.

Michael, his son, joined the company in 2010. After graduating with an Engineering degree, he started to work as a project manager and quickly became the Technical Director of the company. His organisational expertise has brought the company better work methods to handle more complex and ambitious projects.

Respectively President and CEO, Lionel and Michael run and develop their company with passion and all the values "Monsieur Henri" passed down.

« I am proud of what we have achieved since my father created the company. We have been able to develop our skills and innovate to successfully undertake the projects that made our reputation.
But keeping the values my father has passed down is what makes me the proudest : the taste of quality work, the dedication and respect for clients. A family spirit prevails at our company, a passion you can feel and which is the main ingredient of each of our projects »
, Lionel Sherman.

A team of professionals

Over the years, the Sherman family has gathered professionals who share the same values and passion. Most of them have been trained in-house and have worked for the company for a long time.

« Women and men who are working at Henri are truly the gem of the company. Their expertise, professionalism and personal involvement are very appreciated by our clients and essential to meet all of their requirements», Michael Sherman.

A pursuit of excellence

Offering the highest standard of quality to achieve excellence, here is the company's vocation. Therefore, we have to challenge ourselves on a daily basis to stay innovative.

Delivering a quality service is one thing, making it certified is another. Historically, Henri company has always attached great importance to both aspects. Besides the Qualifelec certification, which is required to work as an electrician, Henri validates every year its methods and the quality of its organization by an ISO 9001 certification, obtained for the first time in 2000. The company is also the laureate of many French and European competitions that put its engineering team and the quality of its work to the test, thus recognised by industry professionals .

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