Discover one of our latest achievements in a sunny villa near Montpellier.

« On this project, located in a beautiful region of southern France, I built a real relationship of trust with the owner and his wife. Today, they take full advantage of the comfort of their villa in which home automation adapts to their lifestyle. » Régis, Projets Manager


Adjust the indoor temperature before coming home, watch remotely his CCTV cameras to feel reassure, or press a single button on his smartphone to launch a scenario that turns off all lights, opens the garage door, then the portal, and activates the alarm system, here are some of the possibilities offered by the home automation system of this villa to facilitate the daily life of its inhabitants.


iPhone application, touch screens integrated in the decoration, programmable remote controls, custom engraved keyboards, here all control interfaces have been designed to meet the needs of this family, and drive the following systems: indoor and outdoor lightings, blinds and shutters, alarm system, CCTV, temperature, music and video broadcasting, as well as two 5.1 home cinemas.


As on all our projects, the technologies have been integrated with the decoration. The control screens are flush with the wall, the television of the kitchen turns into a mirror once off, the speakers are in-ceiling ones or integrated into a sound bar under the televisions, lighting keyboards are elegant, with bespoke engraving and backlit…

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