• Residential

    In the residential sector, the solutions are aimed at improving the owners' everyday life. They bring more comfort, security and digital entertainment.
    The owner can easily control his installation using the smart home solution we implement in each of our project.

  • Hospitality

    In hospitality the objective is multiple. We equip the suites and rooms with easy-to-use systems to bring more comfort to the hotel guests.
    Then we equip the common areas to enrich the guest's experience and to facilitate the work of the hotel staff and managers.

  • Commercial

    In luxury boutique, sales spaces and showrooms, brands use technologies, such as lighting scenarios, music and video playlists, to reinforce their image.
    Thanks to automation, the sales managers can stay completely focused on their clients.

Our know-how

Our know-how

The company has the in-house ressources to handle all the phases of a project : engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance. A team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and programmers are working on each project under the supervision of a Project Manager.

Henri company also knows how to export its savoir-faire. With its numerous installations in France and abroad, Henri has developped a proven track record in monitoring and organizing such projects.

Our solutions

  • Smart Home / Automation

    Touchscreens, remotes, keypads, tablet and smartphone Apps, a special attention is given to choose the right control interface for the right use. But beforehand we design intuitive and ergonomic interfaces to let you easily control your house, room, hotel or sales space.

  • Lighting control

    Enjoy a custom lighting management system with dimmable lighting for a better visual comfort and aestheticism. Our solutions include custom lighting scenarios to suit your needs and to limit the number of keypads. Controlling your lights becomes so easy.

  • Shading control

    Simply control the natural light of your rooms with our blinds and net curtains solutions. Roller blinds, roman blinds and curtain tracks are near-silent when operating plus they start, move and stop in unison. Experience the comfort and elegance of our solutions.

  • Temperature control

    While being comfortably ensconced in your living room, or working in your boutique, simply control the room temperature from your bespoke automation interface.

  • Audio visual

    Whether you want to play music from your smartphone throughout multiple rooms or from an audio server to the restaurant in your hotel, we carefully study each project to define the best audio solution.
    Our video solutions go from a simple matrix system to a complete IPTV distribution.

  • Home and private cinema

    Henri offers his expertise in designing and implementing your own private cinema. Each project starts with an in-depth study to decide on the best audio visual solution. Then we can take care of everything starting from an insulated room : acoustic treatment, decoration, layout, electronic equipment and calibration. Enjoy a unique experience in the privacy of your own home.

  • Intruder and fire detection alarm

    Reassure your beloved ones and protect your goods with an alarm system. Volumetric or perimeter solutions, every project is designed to guarantee optimum reliability. Control panels can also be connected to a monitoring center for more security.

  • Access control

    Control the access to your property with some elegant door stations that include the best audiovisual technologies. You can also secure some areas with a code lock, a card reader or even a biometric identification.

  • CCTV

    We pay special attention to your security project: requirement definition, choice of CCTV cameras, optimum positioning, recording on motion detection. With our IP solutions you can view live and recorded images from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection.

  • Data Network

    As the number of connected objects grows, the data network must be high-quality. We design and install reliable networks to keep a high-speed Internet access and to let you enjoy a total and fluid wireless coverage.

  • Telephones

    Enjoy a professional telephony solution tailored to your needs : call management system, internal calls, bespoke programming,…

  • Electrical installation

    Electrician craftmen for more that 50 years, we offer our experience and expertise to take care of your high voltage and low voltage projects.
    As a partner of many prestigious brands, we can also advise on light fixtures and electrical apparatus.

Our partners

Each project starts with a in-depth engineering study to define the most suited products to meet the needs, desires and constraints of our clients.

Here is an overview of the brands we are currently working with :