Our tailor-made


Thanks to our cutting-edge technological solutions, we create new lifestyle experiences that combine extreme refinement with the utmost simplicity.

Solution video - Villa du Lac

Great entertainment

Whether enjoying a movie, a series, sports or playing video games, we create bespoke video installations to offer your whole family moments of relaxation meeting everyone’s wishes. With a constant eye for detail, we analyse your uses and study each area of your home to offer you high-quality and durable solutions that fully meet your expectations.

A breathtaking image

Depth, contrast, colour, brightness… Enjoy an exceptional image everywhere in your home thanks to carefully selected material for each space.

The art of refinement

Ultra-thin screens, mirror screens for your bathrooms, wall-mounted, articulated or concealed TVs… Thanks to our sophisticated solutions, your screens become an integral part of your decor or are elegantly concealed.

One remote to control everything

Access all your content easily and intuitively with a single remote control, identical in every room you wish to use it.


We work with a wide range of suppliers to design bespoke installations answering all your requirements. We only select partners who meet our highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and design.

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