Our tailor-made


Thanks to our cutting-edge technological solutions, we create new lifestyle experiences that combine extreme refinement with the utmost simplicity.

A unique experience

The privileged space of the rooms must be thought out in the smallest details for the well-being of the clients. As a result of our experience in the service of the most beautiful residential projects, our unique know-how allows us to offer the luxury hotel industry very high quality custom-made services. The search for simplicity that guides us in all our creations is brought to its peak here. The solutions must be of obvious use and instantly understandable: the very essence of refinement according to HENRI.


The lighting in the rooms is designed to offer a bespoke atmosphere at all times and to be very simple to use: a well thought-out choice of lighting scenes, universally understandable icons on the switches, general extinction of the lights with a single button at the entrance and at bed head, a discreet path of light for moving around at night… Everything is designed for a smooth, natural experience with a very high level of comfort.

Blinds and curtains

Specifically designed for the hotel industry and selected for their reliability, the blinds and curtains we install are adapted to the needs of each client. A simple switch is used to open and close the doors, which is done very quietly. If the curtains are drawn manually, the system follows the movement and automatically adjusts their position.


Completely invisible or elegantly integrated into the decor, the speakers in the rooms offer high quality sound. As simply as at home, clients can enjoy their usual music applications by connecting their smartphone directly to the speakers.


Dressed in the hotel’s corporate colours, the screens provide access to all desired TV channels and VOD, as well as the room control system and hotel services. Clients can also easily share their content from their smartphone or computer. Finally, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the TV remote control so that it is always simple to understand and easy to use.

Room control

Switches and the TV screen are used to control all the room’s functions: lighting, temperature, opening and closing of curtains, etc. If they wish, guests can also manage these parameters via a tablet with a bespoke interface. It also allows access to the Internet, with the guarantee that browsing data will be deleted after departure, and to benefit from various services: ask not to be disturbed, consult the restaurant menu, book a massage, etc.


We work with a wide range of suppliers to design bespoke installations answering all your requirements. We only select partners who meet our highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and design.

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