Our tailor-made


Thanks to our cutting-edge technological solutions, we create new lifestyle experiences that combine extreme refinement with the utmost simplicity.

Perfect service at all times

A luxury hotel is a complex score whose perfect execution is also played behind the scenes. To help the staff ensure an impeccable service, the supervision tools installed by HENRI allow remote control in real time of all solutions installed in rooms and common areas. On a simple graphic interface, the teams have an overview of the spaces and are warned in real time of any malfunction.

Constant vigilance

All information about the different areas of the hotel is fed directly to the hotel’s technical management. Staff members can easily check the status of each room at any time, monitor ongoing actions and intervene if necessary.

Sustainable support

Our programmers perform regular on-site preventive maintenance to update and correct the system and ensure its scalability. Depending on the hotel’s needs, our teams also update the content offered (playlists, TV channels, etc.). Finally, in the event of a sudden malfunction, our programmers can take over remotely and intervene without delay.


We work with a wide range of suppliers to design bespoke installations answering all your requirements. We only select partners who meet our highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and design.

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