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Thanks to our cutting-edge technological solutions, we create new lifestyle experiences that combine extreme refinement with the utmost simplicity.

HENRI - Hôtel de Montesquieu

A tailor-made image

Lobby, bar, restaurant, spa, corridors… Common areas are the first image that hotels send back to their guests. Every detail must reflect the personality of the establishment. The technological solutions offered by HENRI contribute to creating this signature atmosphere: lighting, music distribution, digital signage… All our installations are customised to the image of the hotel, with the constant concern to optimise the experience of their guests and to simplify the daily life of the staff.


For each space and time of day, we define appropriate lighting scenes in collaboration with the hotel. The changeover from one atmosphere to another is automated, so that the staff never have to worry about it and can devote themselves entirely to the well-being of their guests. We guarantee the perfect functioning of our installations at all times.


We provide sound systems for all spaces, either invisibly or discreetly integrated into the decoration. Specific playlists are created to reinforce the identity of the different areas of the hotel and their playback is automated to provide the perfect guest experience at all times.


The screens we install are carefully selected for their design, quality and reliability. We create a bespoke interface according to the hotel’s graphic design and manage the display of messages decided by the management: current campaign, events, offered services, etc.


We work with a wide range of suppliers to design bespoke installations answering all your requirements. We only select partners who meet our highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and design.

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