Michael Sherman, our Managing Director, is the guest of "The Integrated Home" podcast, with a special episode recorded at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 in Amsterdam.

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Jeff Hayward, is hosting two CEDIA award-winning companies as Michael Sherman from leading French company, Henri, and Sergio Rojas from Madrid’s Smart Business, to share their views on the home integration business in Europe.

About the podcast

“The Integrated Home” examines the home integration business.

Every episode speaks to business owners, technicians and industry insiders who understand the challenges and the opportunities facing those working in the professional smart home space. Guests draw on their own, very real experiences to share their thoughts and ideas on what’s happening now, the business trends that matter and what’s important to build and maintain a successful integration business.

The Integrated Home is supported by Meridian Audio, AWE, Sony and Integrated Systems Europe and is a Wildwood and Alfi Media.