So What

Suspended like a jewel on a hillside overlooking the Bay of Cannes, this spectacular contemporary villa boasts pure, Californian-style lines. A home imagined from scratch by the owner, who wanted it to be in total harmony with the surrounding vegetation. For this Mediterranean Eden, HENRI has applied its know-how at the highest level and designed technological solutions that are as discreet as they are sophisticated.

In collaboration with

Muriel Ughetto - owner




French Riviera

Floor space

More than 500m2
A secret paradise on the Riviera

An artist and decorator of fertile creativity, Muriel Ughetto has chosen to design her own home on the Côte d’Azur. The sheer size of the property made it essential to integrate technological solutions for daily living comfort. After two unconvincing experiments, Muriel Ughetto asked Maison HENRI to take over the project and completely redesign it.

All our teams’ know-how and particular flexibility were required to reinvent the existing installation and adapt it rigorously to the customer’s needs. Home cinema, audio and video solutions, lighting scenarios, temperature management, security, wi-fi network, centralized control interfaces… Every detail has been rethought with a constant concern for simplicity of use and subtle integration with the aesthetics of the premises. An excellent achievement that has reconciled Muriel Ughetto with home automation, thanks to the quality of HENRI’s support and unique expertise.

“La Maison HENRI was able to help me define my project down to the last detail: a great deal of thought was put into the project beforehand to make my life easier on a daily basis. The teams present were exemplary: professional, polite, punctual… A skill that is much appreciated, especially when it comes to giving access to one’s private sphere. Over time, we’ve developed a real relationship of trust.

Muriel Ughetto, owner

Intelligent opening systems

The blinds, curtains and bay windows have been fully custom-designed and automated throughout the property. Thanks to elegant switches chosen in harmony with the decor, the hostess can open or close them as she pleases, with extreme precision and total silence.

A high-flying video installation

In the bedrooms and living room, high-quality TV screens are cleverly concealed in the ceiling or fireplace. At the touch of a finger, they reveal themselves and orient themselves perfectly for comfortable viewing from anywhere in the room. At the end of the viewing, they disappear again into an almost undetectable trap.

Perfect peace of mind

After an in-depth study, a sophisticated access control system was put in place to ensure the security of the premises. At the entrance, a camera and touch screen identify visitors and give them remote access to the property. Within the house, access to certain areas is also controlled: the swimming pool, to protect children, and the precious wine cellar, which contains exceptional vintages.


The Villa So What home automation and audio-visual project was a real technological tour de force for the HENRI Côte d’Azur teams. Every room in the house has been carefully integrated and automated to offer residents an unrivalled living experience. Simple controls allow you to manage lighting, air conditioning and opening systems, while preserving the property’s luxurious aesthetic. The project unfolded in a climate of total trust thanks to Muriel and Pascal, the owners, who warmly welcomed us during the few weeks we spent on their private estate.

Marc Himgi, Chef de Chantier

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