Elegance is expressed in every detail of this beautiful Parisian duplex reinvented by the interior design agency Alberto Pinto. As a loyal partner of the Maison HENRI, the agency asked our teams to decorate the apartment with refined and simple technological solutions.

Lighting, music, video, security… All our expertise has been implemented for the well-being of the owner.

In collaboration with

Interior designer: Alberto Pinto





Floor space

400 m2
A unique and highly bespoke creation

A fine illustration of HENRI’s philosophy of listening and accompanying, this project was designed in great detail to suit the owner’s lifestyle. Passionate about art and classical music, she wished to highlight her collections and enjoy the best sound quality everywhere. Security was also a priority for this prominent figure. Finally, all the installed functionalities had to be controllable with perfect simplicity.

HENRI has devised customized technological solutions to meet each of these needs with elegance and fluidity. We also took into account the requirements of the Alberto Pinto agency, paying particular attention to the aesthetic integration of our solutions. The result is a highly bespoke achievement of excellence, a demonstration of HENRI’s unique know-how.


“For me, HENRI is one of the few companies to offer a complete range of services in the electrical and home automation fields. The response to requests is very fast, the teams are very qualified and the expertise is accurate. The technical files are second to none. A global management and a very professional presence on the site, a pleasant and courteous contact. I also have a great deal of respect for the management, which has succeeded in instilling a beautiful team harmony.

Stéphane Zalejski, Alberto Pinto agency

An exceptional sound system

Invisible or discreetly integrated into the decoration, the speakers have been selected for their impeccable sound quality. The installation and calibration were meticulously done to allow countinuous listening from room to room on both levels of the apartment.

A customized video installation

At the touch of a finger, the master bedroom becomes a private theatre with a video projector hidden behind the headboard. An Apple TV on a stand offers a comfortable alternative for enjoying your favorite content. A very simple remote control allows you to control these different screens, but also to control the lighting.

The light in scene

In collaboration with the interior designer, different lighting ambiances were defined for each room of the house. Elegant switches harmoniously integrated into the decor allow easy modulation of the atmosphere. Particular care was taken with the lighting of the gallery to highlight the pieces of art.

“This project was carried out in a climate of total trust and respect and left all the HENRI teams with a very special memory. We listened to the client and accompanied her step by step in defining her needs in order to propose the most appropriate technological solutions to simplify her daily life.”


Lionel Sherman, President

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