Type : Villa

Surface : 1500m2

Interior design : Agence Versini - Interior Designers : Ambroisine De Sigy and Valérie Rostaing

An exceptional place in a unique setting...HENRI is proud to unveil the Villa Babou, a paradise hidden in the heart of a Mediterranean island.
Its owner, a great connoisseur of African art, wanted it to be simple and welcoming, made of noble and raw materials. A refuge far from everything and open to visiting friends who should be able to use it very easily. It is therefore quite natural that the owner called on HENRI to manage the lighting, the music and the screens of this magical address.
This was a major challenge for the HENRI teams, who thought of, designed and integrated the best solutions to meet the needs of this 1500m2 villa divided into 11 suites and 7000m2 of land.
To simplify the daily life of its inhabitants to the extreme, the solutions have been designed for almost intuitive use: the different lighting moods are controlled by a simple switch in each room or by a tablet that allows everything to be controlled without having to move, particularly for the outdoor lighting. Music can be played in all the rooms simply from the phone. Finally, on the Apple TVs installed in the suites and living rooms, everyone can choose their content at any time, thanks to simplified remote controls.
Of course, no compromises have been made on materials to preserve the elegance and aesthetics of the premises. A meticulous choice of invisible speakers and coordinated finishes has been made so that the solutions installed blend in perfectly with the decor.
A projet conducted by HENRI Côte d'Azur teams

Photos credit : Olivier Helbert / Video credit : B2works